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What It's Like to Have the Holy Spirit Enter You

"You can assume there will be caucusing, knocking on doors at night, conversations around the dinner table, conversations on the terrace," said John-Peter Pham, a former Vatican diplomat and author of "Heirs of the Fisherman," a 2004 book on papal successions. "Electors have been known to hold meetings in whatever quarters they could find: the smokers' group, the strollers' group, around the brandy bottle."


..Sounds like fun. Do they have a poker table? Hooka? Ping-pong table? Next time they should hold the conclave at Wildwood, NJ.

ps. In other news, Andrew and I have decided to throw Oded the Bar mitzvah he never had---at Wildwood, NJ. We should think of an appropriate erotic cake.


At 12:58 AM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

"After his election, the new pope invited all the cardinals to stay and dine with him, as John Paul had done in 1978. They ate Italian bean soup, chicken cordon bleu and ice cream, washing it down with spumante."




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