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Welcome To DSP I

Check out the the audio samples in this intro lecture to digital signal processing.

I'm going to be using some DSPs soon for home use, but would probably use use Matlab to get these effects.


At 6:51 PM, Blogger oded said...

What are you planning on controlling in your house Ivan. Does the "get me a beer" command work with your legacy system?

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Ivan said...

By "home use" I mean as a hobby and not at work -- I'd like to make a fast 3D stereo mapper on the cheap. Rather than using an expensive chip made for PCs, a DSP is an inexpensive and faster alternative.

Some projects for the home (most involve cameras, so step 1 is getting them everywhere needed):

::home surveillance, either stationary or mobile & web controllable. Automatic event logging like a person in view.

::memory persistence, logging seemingly unimportant events that over time seem interesting -- like a view of your face every day for years.

::ambient LEDs, maybe responding to things like light level or room/outside temperature.

unfortunately, it turns out getting a beer is really, really hard in the general case. I've seen mobile mini-fridges before: Koolio


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