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Seriously guys!... SERIOUSLY

(update below)


I haven't seen this in a while. Register and straight-up DOWNLOAD episodes of Southpark.

The random image gallery is also great.

UPDATE: Miguel says

This shit is fucking awesome! I missed The Office on Tuesday and wondered if I could just download it. No problem, I had it on Wednesday morning! And I just finished watching SP Episode 904, the Terry Schiavo special (torrent). The South Park has the Sony PSP so integral to the plot I wonder if it isn't product placement, the way all advertising will have to be when we just download commercial free versions of our shows.


At 5:04 PM, Blogger Trevor said...

That's cool, but on the episode I tried, none of the download links worked. I guess I'll stick to filetype:torrent.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

You should try the more recent episodes where the mirrors haven't exceeded a quota.

I really don't get with the advent of bittorrent why a TV company wouldn't make modified versions of shows, with the adds in a bar on the bottom of the video. They could release the torrent right as the show aired.

Alternatively, charge 50 cents per download. I'd pay 50 cents for a perfect quality southpark episode.

Holy Shit, while writing this I've been downloading the Terry episode BFF. It's going 225KB/s and is already 60% done!


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