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Scary Costumes

I still haven't seen the "AARRR! Brains!" pictures yet, Josko.

But I noticed in this compilation of predictors that Halowe'en cosumes can add helpful information to the discussion of "who will win the Presidential election?" This indicator apparently has a more longstanding record of success that the IEM, and for a simpler reason.

Neither the article or the blog post I mentioned say so (in fact they imply otherwise), but buying a mask of a candidate isn't exactly an endorsment -- quite the opposite: it's a statement that the prospect of President [Bush or Kerry] is frightening. Of course, it's obvious that in power-seeking activities such as Campaigning To Rule The Most Powerful Nation On Earth, the scarier one will always win. I think that actually summarizes why it's painfully obvious that the Anybody But Bush "movement" was doomed -- by its very nature it acknowledges Bush's power and grants him a level of respect beyond the standard-bearer (Dean, then Kerry).

The lesson: claiming that your opponent's policies are horrifying and may end the world, even if true, just makes his supporters proud and convinces undecided voters that the scary one is a candidate who means business.

Caveat: I myself dressed up as Father Guido Sarducci for fun and not for frights this Halowe'en, but I really can't imagine anyone wearing a Bush or Kerry mask without intending to scare their audience.


At 11:58 AM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

I had two different costumes for Halloween, the first was just Pirate, to match Federica and Hobo at the local dog-run's Dog Halloween Costume Party the Friday before OCT31 (Hobo has a big natural black eye-patch). Pictures of this costume exist and are forthcoming. Unfortunately, the Zomby Pirate costume I wore the next day remained visually undocumented. Wait till next year ;).


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