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Psy Ops - Fuck Yah!

The soldiers shared laughs during the more surreal moments, such as when a psychological-operations truck rolled through the city blaring the theme song to the movie "Team America: World Police." In the film, Rambo-like puppets hunt terrorists and blow up the Eiffel Tower in the process. There is no need to thank us, the puppets tell outraged Parisians.

Later that night, 500-pound bombs fell on Fallujah.


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Miguel said...

I'm sure the terrorists are crying in their beer. Whatever could be worse for than to have US troops running around screaming "America, Fuck Yeah!" before they reduce the streets to rubble.

Congratulations to our military on success in Fallooja. Can we go now?

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Ivan said...

Ask that question in a few months, after elections, and you might get a 'yes, shortly' in response.


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