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Marines Show Frustration in Iraq

Military.com outspoken voice of teh pansy anti war negative nancys writes:

"We are losing guys left and right,' says Cpl. Cody King, 20, of Phoenix, Ariz. 'All we are doing around here is getting blown up,' he says, not hiding his anger.
Most of the incidents these days in this far flung corner of Iraq, enveloped by an endless desert, dried up river beds and winding dirt roads, include 155 mm artillery shells, mines and other sort of crude home made bombs, which are among the biggest killer of troops in this war. They make the Marine's enemy faceless and only heighten the feeling of vulnerability, not assuaged by the limited armor at their disposal. "

Cpt. Steven M. Horowiz adds, " at least we have plenty of rations of Angel's food cake"


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