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Economist on Old Stories

Clinton told a bold-faced lie about sex. Bush was told wrongly, at best, about Iraqi WMD stockpiles, and willfully misled in not trusting Saddam.

It's interested to go back to 1998 to a simpler time of looming terror threats and ridiculous PTE ratios for tech stocks. If you can't dream your way back, or get hit with a rock to bring you back, just read the link above.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger joŇ°ko said...

"If you can't dream your way back..."

But what if I jump into a jacuzzi while simultaneously throwing in a plugged-in TiVo with twelve hours of History Channel Lewinski footage?

I wonder sometimes if something could've been done on the exucutive side of government to prevent the Tech-bubble burst, and though my knowledge is perversely limited, I don't think there's much. Poor Greenspan complained about the 'irrational exuberence,' but it was already too late.


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